Episode 417: Maps Maps Maps

This episode contains: Steven and Ben are doing okay despite the current heatwave. Ben introduces the grandfather paradox to his son while Steven worries about his chickens. Now, science!

Smell Ya Later!: Scent of a friend: Similarities in body odor may contribute to social bonding. An electronic nose relying on body odor chemistry may predict whether we are likely to ‘click’ with a stranger. Researchers have found that people may have a tendency to form friendships with individuals who have a similar body odor. The researchers were even able to predict the quality of social interactions between complete strangers by first ‘smelling’ them with a device known as an electronic nose, or eNose. These findings suggest that the sense of smell may play a larger role in human social interactions than previously thought.


Double Meat Burgers: How sustainable are fake meats? Checking whether plant-based burgers may have lighter environmental footprints.


Science Fiction: We discuss: Lower Decks, The Sandman, See, She-Hulk, House of the Dragon, and Rings of Power. The brevity of these notes brought to you by: sick Devon.