Episode 419: Flamin’ Hot Mountain Whiskey

Pre-pod for our Patreon-only crew:
Ben’s been kicked from the podcast. How quickly the tides have turned. Steven spits some hot knowledge. Remember how fire the Mortal Kombat song was? Steven’s kid noped out of Prehistoric Planet pretty quick. Super scary.

This episode contains: We got a storm on the Central Coast, a week after we were burning to death. This episode, Ben accidentally calls Devon “William.” Steven won’t stop with the joke. Another branch from the same oak tree falls on Steven’s house. “I’m not talking unless it’s on the podcast & I’m getting paid for it.” – Devon

Previously on… THE SOLAR SYSTEM: Lots of strange things about Saturn can be explained by a destroyed moon. Saturn’s axis wobbles around dramatically. Scientists hypothesize a moon of Saturn scraped the surface and created the rings. How many moons does Saturn have? 83, with two more unconfirmed. Small moons are condensing out of Saturn’s rings. On a galactic timescale, Saturn is violently changing right now. Saturn’s rings are theorized to only be 100 million years old. Saturn may be in an orbital resonance with Neptune, they get weird together. Jupiter has 80 rings. Devon’s noticed that number keeps going up. Saturn is the ringleader of this whole “Solar System” operation.



Blacked Out: Emergency Text Alert ‘Saves’ California From Blackout. Steven thinks 78˚ F is still way too hot. A Flex Alert SMS went out to ask Californians to conserve energy. Ben would like to think that better energy infrastructure is being developed. Things don’t change for the better unless we get a little uncomfortable. Stopping reliance on fossil fuels is imperative. Not everyone in CA will get electric cars on the same day, so calm yourself. Nuclear power is green energy. We should not have abandoned it in the 70s. What if solar power got so efficient a house wouldn’t be connected to the grid?




Science Fiction: Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew, and the things it leads to, By Dr. Suess. Ben didn’t totally hate Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew. Steven thought it’s like whiskey without getting drunk! We talk about character generation in Travellers. Ben’s character in Travellers is named Bucket “Buck” Hahn. Very well educated. The hosts reminisce about playing Fiasco, an amazing DM-less RPG. Devon’s rewatching the original Quantum Leap. Is ye olde Quantum Leap now called “The Original Series?” or “The First Leap?” In TOS, was Hikaru Sulu originally an Astrobotanist or a Physicist? Answer: He was Head of the Physics Dept. They gave Pavel Chekov the Monkees haircut originally for sex appeal. Are the people making Lower Decks super horny? Towels and underwear and sex everywhere. “We got an ancient mask situation over here!” Not a new thing on Star Trek. “Bonks” are where humans used to keep their money. Devon and Steven get way into the ethics of holodecks. Ben brings the popcorn. Devon and Steven use a lot of euphemisms for sex in the episode.

Post-show for our Patreon-only crew:
The new Quantum Leap looks kinda basic, but we’ll give it a chance. Just give us Quantum Leap with a labrador as the main character. It’s weird that the weird future in original Quantum Leap was 1995! When Quantum Leapers touch each other, they discover their true selves. New Quantum Leap has a Ghostbuster AND Firefly’s engineer? Sign me up. If holodecks existed, we’d just live in there forever.