Episode 422: Round vs Spiky

This episode contains: Steven and Devon record on a glorious Sunday afternoon. Where’s Ben? It’s fun to have Nicole Lawless on the show (ep421) as an actual science person. Devon woke up in a good mood, until he watched the Star Trek: Picard trailer. That Star Trek: Picard trailer was TOO DARK. Brighten it up! Devon continues to work on removing the tree stump. With fire. When Devon removed the stump, did he shout “STUMPFEST”? Steven and Devon drool over the new Lego Razorcrest. Lego just bumped up all their prices due to inflation. Crazy. Steven finally gets a day off from single dad duty after Martine’s recovery. Ok ok ok, where’s Ben? Lego: so much money for plastic in different orientations.

Evolutionarily speaking: Dead fish breathes new life into the evolutionary origin of fins and limbs. Evolution is AWESOME. Devon’s 4yo. asked “when were chickens invented?” Devon talks evolution. Previously, our galeaspid fossils only had heads. Now we have a whole fossil. Primitive creatures on earth either had fins or limbs. Not both. If it wasn’t for one measely asteroid, the dinosaurs would still be here. Is there a dinosaur planet out there? Is that where Ben is?


Stressed friend: Dogs can smell when we’re stressed, study suggests.
A psychological stress response alters odor profile in our breath or sweat. Dogs can detect an odor change in VOCs produced by humans in response to stress. Want to test stress among study participants? Give them Math tasks!


Common gene variant linked to COVID mortality: Presence of the APOE gene can predict cancer, dementia, and COVID severity.


Science Fiction: We have a picture of the hosts in Lower Decks style. Join our Patreon to see it! You want a whole episode of Lower Decks about Peanut Hamper? Be careful what you wish for. And they didn’t really do any development on the character of Peanut Hamper. The bird people made Lower Decks feel like Rick & Morty. More Jeffrey Combs in Lower Decks this last week. AGIMUS is back, baby! But not Ben, I guess. Worf is a super serious Klingon, because he wasn’t raised as one. Picard season 3 trailer came out, and everybody is SOOOO OLLLLLD. So… Worf is a pacifist now? Cool. We’re down for it. Worf started as a cliche, but thanks to DS9 he’s a well-rounded character. Big spiky ship now wants to blow us up, like the last few Star Trek films. Round ships vs. spiky ships: It’s a simple rock-paper-scissors situation. How does 7 of 9 become captain of a Starfleet ship, given the first two seasons of Picard? Devon tears apart the ships of Picard season 3. Devon will not sell his Eaglemoss ships, even though it’s out of business. Devon likes Andor! At least the first two episodes! The internet breaks! Devon review’s Dennis E. Taylor’s new book: Roadkill. Light read and fun. The A.I. in Roadkill is kinda like if the character Frasier from the show Frasier wanted to kill humans. Steven reviews The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers: ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. No Ben this episode. He’ll be back.