Episode 429: All Spoilers All the Time

This episode contains: The three of us are here and ready to talk sci-fi, and only sci-fi. However, we first talk about what makes a “gentleman” and recount our Thanksgiving day experiences.

Science Fiction: We discuss Andor’s first season, what we liked about it, and what we might expect from season two. There are a lot of SPOILERS. We end up talking about Andor for half the episode. Ben and Steven then talk about Disney’s Strange World. Ben has been looking forward to this movie for years, while most other people still don’t know it exists. This also has some SPOILERS. Devon is still there, we think. We quickly talk Rick and Morty, then move on to Wakanda Forever. Steven and Ben then tell us all about Wakanda Forever with, again, SPOILERS. We then discuss Marvel Phase Four in general. Also, The Rocketeer.