Episode 431: The Only Scientist on the Moon

Pre-pod Patreon-only: Devon remembers meeting Ben’s cat. He still has the scar.

This episode contains: Ben leads the show, Steven phones it in, and Devon holds on for dear life. Devon has to go to “mandatory” parties for work. Steven’s internet is unreachable, so he phones it in this episode. Ben was on the edge of the power outage that hit 5000 people. Ben describes the indescribable fun of the card game No Thanks. Ben’s kid won 9 straight games of X-Men vs Street Fighter against Steven and Ben.

Jurassic Boom: No supersonic boom for dinosaur tails. The Diplodocid tail did not break supersonic speeds, despite earlier claims. Diplodocis tails were 12 m long, weighed 1.5 tons, and moved up to 33 m/s! A sonic boom occurs at 340 meters per second. Did Diplodocis have a huge-ass neck, or huge ass-neck? Devon’s kids are gonna know what a sonic boom is, by golly! Devon’s son wants to be a treehouse architect. Steven knows one who does that. Steven workshopped some other titles for Devon’s article: “Must Go Faster Must Go Faster” and “Dun-dun-dun-duuuun dun-dun-dinosaurs (sung to the Indiana Jones’ theme)”.


We’ve got to go back, Kate: Fifty years later, remastered images reveal Apollo 17 in stunning clarity. 50 years ago, on Apollo 17 the last astronauts went to the moon (for now). Nobody’s heard of hasselblad cameras. Why aren’t they hasselgood? Remastered photos of Apollo 17 look incredible, but the captions are fire. In case anybody is curious, the crew of Artemis III is diverse. https://www.nasa.gov/specials/artemis-team/  The moon has an incredible amount of dust and dirt. Astronauts get grimy. Apollo 17 was the 1st mission with a scientist on the moon: Harrison H. Schmitt.


Science Fiction: Big thanks to Joe Kohr for Steven’s birthday gift of Steam cash! Hide and Seek in Among Us is super fun, and different enough from the game. Ben didn’t finish the Star Trek: Prodigy episode before recording this week. R.I.P. Kirstie Alley at 71: Saavik from Wrath of Khan. Devon used to watch every sitcom that existed in the mid- to late-90s. Remember Herman’s Head? Pepperidge Farm does, and so does Devon. Devon has an encyclopedic knowledge of 90s sitcoms. Why did they recast Saavik between Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock? Money. Devon rewatched the 1st season of Enterprise, and let’s just say he’s whelmed. Enterprise lacks the high concept scifi that even season 1 of TNG had. Devon wonders if Herman’s Head is streaming somewhere… Enterprise could use more space-borne aliens. The original idea for Enterprise was for s1 to be on Earth, building the ship. Ben remembers the show Roswell, and there was a crazy Enterprise tie-in. Steven wonders if Jonathan Frakes is a little nuts. No reason, just wonders. The film Clockstoppers is a little self-explanatory, don’t you think?