Episode 433: Resting Grumpy Face

This episode contains: Steven and Ben record on Christmas Day, because they hate their families! Just kidding. Steven talks about his Covid filled Xmas, and Ben regales us with tales of his kid’s broken arm. What joy! What Merriment! Merry Crisis.

Robot Overlords: We talk about the physical intelligence of ant and robot collectives. Harvard researchers designed a team of relatively simple robots that can work collectively with simple commands. The RAnts use photormones to successfully escape a corral. Neat.


Grumpy Cat of Birds: Ben introduces us to the Tawny Frogmouth, and you’ll never be the same again. It’s an amazing bird that isn’t an owl, but kinda looks like one. Native to Australia and New Zealand, it is an ambush predator that simply swallows it’s prey with it’s giant mouth. So cool. Also, Steven gets schooled on cultural appropriation, but it’s cool because Fight Club.


Big Question: We talk about eugenics and Star Trek. Why is starfleet against the victims of eugenics? Two different shows have currently have plot threads dealing with this idea and we try to figure it out. Also, we learn about eugenics.

Black Adam: Ben reviews Black Adam. Steven attempts a re-write. We also chat about the politics of hollywood and how it influences storytelling.