Episode 436: Stop Looking at People

This episode contains: Ben and Steven in the same room recording. Ben has a week of disaster. Steven is guesting on Plastic Plesiosaur Podcast. Devon is nowhere to be seen.

Magnets, How Do They Work?: Qi2: How Apple might finally harness MagSafe by giving it away. We talk about the future of phone chargers, and how everything being compatable is a complete win.


YUMMMM: Why chocolate feels so good; it is all down to lubrication. We talk about the science of lubrication in terms of chocolate. Fat is necessary. We also ponder the ramifications of this science and the ‘fake meat’ industry.


Big Question: Why are anachronistic elements in fiction so cool? We talk about Willow and dark City before Steven goes on his rant about Star Trek not being anachronistic but Star Wars is. Ben dives into tvtropes.org and we investigate the ‘film’ Kung Fury. Ben goes off topic and tells us about Lil Gator Game and his son, but then we refocus and talk about different sub-tropes of anachronisms. Steven finds that he doesn’t like unexplained future-tech in the past. Lastly, Steven dives into Century by Alan Moore and spoils the whole thing.

Patreon Only: We talk about Babylon 5, The Bad Batch and A Psalm for the Wild-Built.