Episode 439: Matrix First, Taxes Later

This episode contains: We discuss how 2/5/2023 feels like it should be the future, but totally isn’t/ Devon won big at Texas Hold’em, but not in Texas. Ben has a story about a frog and a banana. Devon also weathered an ice storm, his house not so much. We have suspect we have very special listeners.

This Week in Space: Will Machine Learning Help us Find Extraterrestrial Life? SETI is using machine learning to check 150TB of studied data, and found 8 signals of interest that were previously looked over. We talk about radio waves, and how this machine learning can sift through the noise coming from Earth. And then we talk about Futurama.


What the Crazy Kids are Doing: Carbon capture is here—it just isn’t evenly distributed. New York City apartment towers are going to get smaller carbon capture facilities. These facilities will be able to remove carbon dioxide and expel it as “beverage grade”. Then, it will be used in concrete as building material. A win-win!


Science Fiction: We talk about the upcoming Picard Season 3. We talk about the failings of season 1 and 2, and the hope that Ben has for season 3. A hope that Devon and Steven are beginning to share, as an insider who hates nu-trek has seen the season and “gushed” about it online.

Big Question: What age is it appropriate to introduce children to The Matrix? Ben shares his experience watching the movie with his 9 year old, and seems disappointed that he wasn’t blown away. Steven soapboxes about how The Matrix needs to be put into context of the world of 1999, which is vastly different from the current century. Devon seems apathetic, but also has a big brain and figured out the Matrix twist from the trailers. Here’s a good one: does watching Star Trek inoculate you against The Matrix?


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