Episode 444: Chickens Love Garbage

This episode contains: Just Ben and Steven on this episode, sorry not sorry. We kick off everything with a quick chat about the 2001 film ‘The One’ w/ Jet Li. Why? No idea. Steven and Ben are playing single dads, because wives need a break too. A lot of Mario Land 2 talk, and Steven makes some bold declarations. Steven is steadily introducing his kids to video games and scifi. Wall-E is a gateway movie. We played some VR mini golf with listener Josh. Thanks Josh.

Clicktacular: Bin, app, and subscription combo pledges a cleaner kitchen, environment. Mill is a company that wants to send you  a trash can with wifi capabilities that will process your food waste, so you can mail it back and it can be used to feed chickens. Steven is enamored by this idea.


Brain Buzzing: Scientists complete first map of an insect brain. It took scientists 12 years to fully map a fruit fly larva brain: all 3,016 neurons and their 548,000 connections. The fruit fly brain map showed features that were reminiscent of machine learning architectures. First the flies, then comes mice.


Science Fiction: Since it’s only the two of us this week, we decide against a ‘big question’ and instead catch up on some science fiction we’ve been consuming. Picard season 3 has been outstanding, with it’s first four episodes collectively being a new TNG movie. It’s great, and stands on it’s own without the need of watching season 1 and 2. The first two episodes of season 3 of The Mandalorian have been released and we point out some cool stuff that it’s doing. Steven especially likes seeing ‘live action Mandalore’. We also call out The Bad Batch for doing it’s best to glue three trilogies together, and mostly successful. Finally, Ben informs us of the cute as heck sounding Dogs In Space on Netflix. Why send dogs to space? Loyalty.

Thanks Josh.


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