Episode 449: Pigeons, Podcasts, Putting

This episode contains: Welcome to the Ben Lawless podcast. Lawless: The Ben Story. Y’all seen the movie Lawless? Ben hasn’t yet. Was it good? Devon’s not here tonight, because of… dinner? With his wife? We still would love a tour of the Mighty Coconut offices. They’re doing great work. Steven pitches a series of Walkabout Minigolf courses to Mighty Coconut. Wouldn’t you love to play minigolf through the backlots for scifi movies? We pitch minigolf courses based on alien invasions and Buck Rogers. Did you know that Mighty Coconut made Pigeon: Impossible? Which Spies in Disguise is based on? What if there was a minigolf course based on Pigeon: Impossible? Steven is pivoting from podcasts to putting, and pigeons. Ben needs a vacation from his vacation, amirite? Ben’s son wanted to watch Speed Racer 2. Ben’s heart broke to tell him the truth. Emile Hirsch wants to do another Speed Racer movie! Get the Wachowski’s onboard. http://screenrant.com/emile-hirsch-speed-racer-return-hopes-response/ Ben is SO STOKED about the Apple TV+ Speed Racer show helmed by J.J. Abrams. Let’s make the Speed Racer Extended Universe a thing.

Today in the Weird Wide Web: Chrome will support WebGPU! What the hell does that mean? WebGL is cool and all, but WebGPU is going to revolutionize graphics on the web. Remember how Apple told Adobe “No Thank You” about putting Flash on iPhone? Ben does. Steven wonders why the name Mozilla sounds so familiar… Hint: he uses Firefox. Sometime in May, WebGPU is coming to Chrome! Ben is so excited. Ben is telling you: Arc is the best web browser ever. Steven and Ben argue whether Bing is a browser. Ben has worked in web development for the last 14 years. Feels like 40. Ben called it years ago: Microsoft finally stopped making their own browser engine.


Symphony of Scent: Making sense of scents: Deciphering our sense of smell. Remember the five senses? They’re cool, right? What is smell? When do things start and stop smelling? Steven wonders. Scientists have created the first 3D picture of how an odor molecule activates an odorant receptor. “We need to see it so we can science it!” – Steven. Smells are somehow like hitting keys on a piano to produce a chord. Devon could explain it.


Science Fiction: The Big Door Prize on Apple TV+ is really good. Is it scifi? Ben thinks so. If you were in The Big Door Prize, would you want to hear your “life potential?” Getting big Tales from the Loop vibes from The Big Door Prize. Are there similarities between The Big Door Prize and Machine of Death?  Steven really enjoyed the ending of Shrinking on Apple TV+. The Bad Batch’s third season will be its final. We finally talk about Star Wars Celebration this episode. THREE NEW STAR WARS MOVIES?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?! The Filoni film is going to wrap up the Mandoverse? Hate that term btw. So… Grogu trained with Luke for 2 years?!  We are digging the trailer for Star Wars Visions Season 2. The claymation looks incredible. Ben finally watched the first Hotel Transylvania. Cool flick! We spoil Star Trek: Picard’s 3×09 Vōx because you have to spoil it to talk about it. Now we know why Ro Laren didn’t use the transporters!


Pre-pod Patreon-only: Ben monologued about sleep for 49 minutes.


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