Episode 454: Interstellar Metamorphosis

Full title generated by Chat GPT: “Interstellar Metamorphosis: Unveiling the Science of Star Wars, Evolution, and Disney”

This episode contains: We have the classic line up of Steven and Devon on this episode. Steven loved the food at Galaxies Edge and so found a Star Wars cookbook. We then discuss the closure of the insanely expensive Galactic Starcruiser. Devon tells us about his upcoming “vacation” in the Ozarks.

Something About Death: Evidence of conscious-like activity in the dying brain. A small study finds intriguing brain wave patterns in comatose patients who died following cardiac arrest. A new study provides early evidence of a surge of activity correlated with consciousness in the dying brain.


Evolutionarily Speaking: Perfection: The Enemy of Evolution. Freedom to miss the optimal mark opens a wide range of new designs over time. Evolution is a sequence of design changes happening on their own in a discernible direction; it never weds itself to a single point on a drawing board. An evolving system or animal is free to simply go with what works. Not so much that its performance suffers greatly, but enough that it opens access to other options near the so-called optimal design. With scientists often looking to nature for clues to solve challenges, they should also free to miss the optimal mark and open a wider design space over time.


Science Fiction: Devon tells us about the new show Apple Plus show Silo, based on the book series Wool, which we kind of read some of (minor spoilers). Steven is doing a rewatch of Star Wars. We then have an in depth discussion of just how bad the Star Wars Prequels were, and attempt to do some minor re-writes.


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