Episode 457: Computational Humor Applications

This episode contains: Steven and Ben record together from Ben’s house. We talk life insurance, college, life experience, and aches and pain from sleeping. We also decide that Devon’s wife is a super hero.

Not Funny: Researchers discover that ChatGPT prefers repeating 25 jokes over and over. When tested, “Over 90% of 1,008 generated jokes were the same 25 jokes.” All responses were grammatically correct. However, some of the responses were nonsensical, such as: Why did the cookie go to the gym? To get a-cookie-dized.


How to Create a Neural Network (and Train it to Identify Doodles):


This is the T-1000, That’s What This is: Liquid metal sticks to surfaces without a binding agent. Everyday materials such as paper and plastic could be transformed into electronic ‘smart devices’ by using a simple new method to apply liquid metal to surfaces, according to scientists. The study demonstrates a technique for applying a liquid metal coating to surfaces that do not easily bond with liquid metal. The approach is designed to work at a large scale and may have applications in wearable testing platforms, flexible devices, and soft robotics.


Science Fiction: Our Patrons get a fun surprise! We then discuss cartoons v. animated features, Steven identifies which movies have been morphed into Avatar: The Way of The Water, Ben continues to watch Silo, Steven is on the hype train for Starfield and more!