Episode 461: Frightened and Scared

This episode contains: All three hosts are with us on the case. Devon complaints about the bad food in East Texas and what makes a good pizza. Steven then tells us about the Threads and Twitter war. Ben tells us about the chaos of his son’s birthday party and Devon tells us about his long drive to and from Virginia.


Evolutionarily Speaking: Why do animals keep evolving into crabs? Crabby bodies are so evolutionarily favorable, they’ve evolved at least five different times. So why does this process, known as carcinization, keep happening?



Never Smile at a Crocodile: From 1907 until its relocation in 1953, the area of Lincoln Heights was home to what the Los Angeles Times dubbed “the city’s most exotic residents”: a thousand-strong collection of alligators that welcomed visitors every day of the year to see, pose with, and even ride them.




The Big Question: Would it be more frightening to discover that humans are the most advanced species in the universe or that we are far from being the most advanced species in the universe?