Episode 474: Carefree Whimsy

This episode contains: We have all three hosts this week, and you know what that means…a lot of faffing about until we get to the science. We talk about Ben’s kid’s Junior Roller Derby, Devon’s upcoming trip to Las Vegas and the Omega Mart, and Steven tells us his crazy story about going to LA to look at a 1959 Hillman Minx. We also chat a bit about Indigenous People’s Day and German heritage.

Shut Up and Take My Money: Google open-sourced a hat shaped like a giant keycap—and it actually types. Ben attempts to convince Steven that this device is amazing and not completely dumb. This giant hat can be used to “type” by pressing on it in various orientations. This is totally not a joke. This is real. They even offer files to make one of these on your own. Steven offers a $100 bounty if you prove that you make one of these.


Big Question: Has the invention of the atomic bomb made the world a more peaceful place? We discuss mutually assured distruction, threats of war, what we would have done if nukes were never invented. Devon introduces us to the Nuke Map so you can experience existential dread anywhere. We also chat about post-nuclear rebuilding with Twisted Metal, Dollhouse and Neal Stephenson books.


Science Fiction (?): Devon tells us all about his experience watching the Netflix show One Piece. We talk about the anime, and the show’s weirder elements.

Patreon Only: Steven does Psyrreal, LOKI season 2 premiered and we give some analysis, and we talk Ahsoka finale and where the story goes from here.