Episode 482: Bizarro-Ben

This episode contains: Steven, Ben and Devon are all present for this episode. This episode drops on Steven’s birthday. We discuss real v fake Christmas trees, the Guardians of Galaxy Holiday Special, Beep Beep I’m a Sheep by LilDeuceDeuce, letting kids use Discord, and Devon’s trip to Great Wolf Lodge.


Stop Calling Me: Receive robocalls or text message spam? Help shut the spammer down. Most reputable telecom carriers don’t want unsolicited messages on their network or phone numbers. In order to disconnect their abusive customers, they need to hear about the abuse. That’s where you come in. Here’s how to report abuse to the telecom carrier that is responsible for the spammer’s phone number – so the carrier can terminate their service.



Hot Rocks: A new solar system has been found in the Milky Way. All 6 planets are perfectly in-sync, astronomers say. The innermost planet completes three orbits for every two by its closest neighbor. It’s the same for the second- and third-closest planets, and the third- and fourth-closest planets. The two outermost planets complete an orbit in 41 and 54.7 days, resulting in four orbits for every three. The innermost planet, meanwhile, completes six orbits in exactly the time the outermost completes one.



Big Question: Assume that in the future there will be huge leaps in human augmentation. Given a scale from completely human to completely machine, how far would you choose to augment yourself with robotics? What parts would you augment and why?