Episode 485: Everything Is Awful

This episode contains: Welcome to our post-Christmas episode. We discuss how the world’s going to hell, personally and socially. Devon thinks hating the year that’s gone by is a meme but Steven and Ben present there reasons why the world is actually burning down. We then move on to discussing our Christmas’s and Ben not doing his homework. Also, Ben made a youtube video for his mom:


Ben then teaches us all about Kwanzaa. Ben reminds us that all holidays are “made up.” In the spirit of Umoja we celebrate unity.



100 Positive News from 2023: Despite not planning on doing science on this episode, Ben felt guilty about not doing his homework an so brought some science:

  • Elimination of malaria close in Ghana
  • Child mortality rate (probably) lowest ever
  • Big drop in aids deaths
  • World’s largest solar farm activated
  • Most new electricity was renewable
  • First green cement that can be used for buildings
  • First fossil fuel-free flight over the Atlantic
  • Women finally allowed to vote everywhere, Vatican City was the holdout
  • More people than ever have clean drinking water
  • Seven countries progressed to a higher income group
  • Largest ever re-introduction of an “extinct in the wild” species
  • Paris river to become swimmable for first time in 100 years
  • Scientists find plastic-eating microbes
  • Oryx back from extinction
  • First Arab woman in space



Science Fiction: Steven and Devon both watched some movies. Ben did not however, but he still gives us his summary of the movies based on the trailers.

Steven saw Rebel Moon: Part 1: A Child of Fire. Ben thinks a child emerges from a lava planet, who then leads a ragtag group of minors against a fascist government from another planet. Steven says he got about 80% correct. Rebal Moon is Star Wars. That’s all. Zach Snider outdoes himself with the slomo. We note that there will be a directors cut.

Devon saw Oppenheimer. Ben thinks this is a science film about the man that worked on the atom bomb. Devon gives a not so brief summary of the movie and ultimately recommends it. Devon also talks about the book The Oppenheimer Alternative by Robert J. Sawyer.

Devon also saw The Creator. Ben thinks the AI attack LA and then become monks, then there’s a new AI in town in the body of a human child. Then humans want to destroy it as the perceive it as a threat. Devon then gives us his honest opinion that the movie is not that good.


See Y’all Next Year! 2024 IS GOING TO BE THE BEST