Episode 492: What Was L33T is now Cr1Nge

This episode contains: Devon, Ben and Steven are here this week to give you live coverage of the Super….nah, just kiddin’. We do talk about the Super Bowl though, and with that comes Taylor Swift talk, becuase of course it does. Ben chats about roller derby practice and Devon wonders why us Californians get extra days off of school. We also talk about the death of baseball as it pertains to Star Trek Deep Space Nine. There is also some cricket talk and what would this episode be if we didn’t talk about Bluey? Before we get to the science, Ben and Steven recount a gaming experience they had with The Zone RPG.




Ben is The Password Fairy: I Know What Your Password Was Last Summer… and we talk about why. Ben tells us of old passwords, how they are typically cracked and why having passwords at all is not a great idea. We talk about password creation, and the different options available to have super secure passwords that you would never have to memorize.



Don’t Worry, This Is Not A Threat: Low voice pitch increases standing among strangers. According to researchers, if you’re looking for along-term relationship, or to boost your social status, lower the pitch of your voice. Researchers found that lower voice pitch makes women and men sound more attractive to to potential long-term partners, and lower pitch in males makes the individuals sound more formidable and prestigious. Devon tells us about Elizabeth Holmes from Theranos, and how she lowered her voice as part of her schemes. Steven and Ben had no idea who she was, and Devon was shocked.



Science Fiction: Ben is ready to talk about B words! We start of with a lengthy chat about Barbie, which Ben just watched, and we talk about which awards it was nominated for (and which it was snubbed). Ben then once again talks some Beacon 23, which we recommends. Finally, we get a chat about Babylon 5 and Ben tells us the plans for season 4, and how that impacted season 5.


Book Club: We’re starting a book club, kinda! Steven recently found some amazing short fiction, and we’ve decided to start a sort of book club. Our first story that we’re going to read id “Emergency Skin” by N.K. Jemisin. It can be found as part of the Forward Collection on Amazon Prime. If you’re Devon, you can pay extra for the audio version, or just use the kindle app and get it for free (with Prime of course).


We’ll have a spoiler filled discussion on this story next week and announce the next title to read. Join the discussion! Read a Book!