Episode 508: If Mr. Ben had Hair

This episode contains: All three of your favorite hosts join this episode. We talk about who we would be in the bat-universe, and none of the answers are great. Steven and Devon have been playing Sea of Thieves, and having a blast. Ben ran a poetry workshop for his sons school called “Lie, Steal and Spll rong” and his students had a blast. Are you having a blast? You should be. 

General Concepts: Fine-tuned universe. Devon gets high concept on us, and tries to explain to us plebeians about the constants of nature and how their values do not seem to be arbitrary. Is this intelligent design? We also touch on Stephen Baxter’s Manifold:Time book, and the Three Body Problem books. 


It’s Been A Long Road: Star Trek: Discovery series finale: Life, Itself. Ben recaps the finale of Star Trek Discovery (or Disco, as the cool kids call it). We talk Progenitors, links to Calypso and Starfleet Academy. Should the show have taken more chances? 


Book Club: Laina by Wil Wheaton in From A Certain Point of View. We recap this very short (micro?) story that was recommended to us by a Patron (Thanks Renee!). We talk about the lack of connections to other Star Wars stories, while still being firmly in-universe. We also mention the hidden tragedy in the story, and how war affects families. 

Next week: The Trigger by Kieron Gillen (also in From A Certain Point of View)