Episode 029: Orion/Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer

Recorded December 3, 2014.

This episode contains: Ben Dorst from the Pure BS Podcast, Science from 0 to 10, Ben’s rank, Devon’s rank, Distance to the moon, Orion Spacecraft, Space elevators, Apollo Space Program, Next president’s space policy, Average tax payer, Star Wars Episode 7 trailer, Camping out for movies, Storm Troopers, The Empire continues, Rebels surrender after 30 years, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Darth Vader killing the Emperor, The Force goes dormant then awakens, Devon says Episode 7 will be in top five highest grossing films of all time, Episode 7 Rotten Tomatoes review, Devon 78%, Ben 86%, Defense of prequels, Futurama Quote, What Ben learned



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