Episode 030 Best of First 20 Episodes


Edited December 11, 2014

Total Recall, Devon’s ending to Total Recall, life’s a dream, Skynet evil?, robot voice, T2, evidence based science, cherry picking data, preliminary studies, Devon’s forehead and jaw, we were in a band, it’s all about that bass, tonal discrimination, electrical sensors, brain scans, Come Sail Away, friend genetics, Dorst corrects us, distance from quasars, the common person, alien life, radio astronomy, generation ships, light years, relativity, genetically modified children, choosing child’s traits?, The Singularity, deconstruct the human brain, future time line of computer advances, copy of brain, immortality, Google Devon, sci-fi v. fantasy, Steven’s take on fantasy, fast forward first 20 minutes, alien abduction, Calvin and Hobs, anal probe hand-shake, Star Trek v. Star Wars, too many Bens, flirting in space, Stone Henge, Drewish?, ancient mysteries, science in movies and TV, Prometheus, The Core, 2012, neutrinos, Matter/Dark Matter/Dark Energy, size of Super Star Destroyer, math, Metric System, building capital ships, White House response to Death Star Petition, Futurama and Simpsons, Dorst Beep, Futurama Quote, what Devon learned…





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