Episode 047: K3-Autism-Bronto / Sci-Fi Machine Fail

Recorded April 15th, 2015

This episode contains: Tax day, Rolled Spine Podcast shout out, Hawkeye, mega-cavitations, K1 – K3 scale, we are a K1 civilization, on our way to K2, Dyson sphere, harnessing all power of a galaxy, thermodynamics, mid-inferred wavelength output, no evidence of K3 civilizations in study of 100,000 galaxies, no K3 in our galaxy, might be K2s in galaxy, exhaust port, scale of universe and our galaxy, autism, developmental disorder, autism spectrum, Devon’s dog going nuts, autism in other species, study of paternal genetics in sperm for autism markers, epigenetics, statistically significant tags, fixing genetics once tag is identified, Brontosaurus is back, laser scanning bones to identify species, kids and dinosaurs, the tyrannosaurus prayer, why we’re awkward, Ben Dorst’s showmanship, Devon’s lack of laughter, have we gotten better?, Helicarriers would destroy everything under it, Phil Plait, Avengers Legos, transporters would help crime and change tourism, currency in Star Trek, communistic Federation, transporters and force fields, transporters would change population distribution, Spiderman’s webbing cleanup, Amazing Spiderman 2 problems, Superman v. Batman issues, Suicide Squad, Zack Snyder, Watchman, bio-cable 10x stronger than steel, Futurama quote, what Steven learned.


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