Episode 054: War, War Never Changes

Recorded June 3rd, 2015

This episode contains: Devon’s cold, Airborne, “made by a teacher,” crap studies, special alien fighting rocks, Simpsons did it, alien bounty hunter pickup line.

Pop Sci: Spider silk, Spider-Man’s family, Uncle Ben’s rice, micro-structure fibers, strength = ability to absorb energy before failing, Devon’s spider silk Hulk workout, springs and sacrificial bonds, spider silk garments and bulletproof vests, spider genes in goats, when will metamaterials pay off?, feasibility and market forces.


Biological Imperative: Harvard is not a charity, chimps behavior regarding cooking, chimps like cooked potatoes, understanding transformation of cooking, chimps willing to wait for cooked food, don’t give chimps fire, human evolution and cooking, nutrients in cooked food.


This Week in Space: Moons of Pluto, Pluto-Charon system, Kuiper belt, Nix, Hydra, Styx, Kerberos, chaotic orbits, Steven says “wooptiedoos,” pattern emergence and chaos theory, orbital resonance, quick astronomy history lesson.


Stargate and Fallout 4: Stargate movie and series, SGU (Stargate Universe, not Skeptics Guide to the Universe), communication stones, Fallout 4, Rocket Propelled Grande video game, vaults, 1950s advanced future technology, atomic punk, Fallout 3, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout New Vegas, Easter eggs, City in the Edge of Tomorrow (actually supposed to be City on the Edge of Forever), game engines, Boston, speaking protagonist, different vaults, possible release date, Matthew Perry, Steven’s YouTube, Futurama quote, what Devon learned.

Fallout 4 Announcement Trailer