Episode 058: The Meteor Composition Estimation

This episode contains: Exploding on a barge, Inside Out, ideas, GIRL! GIRL! GIRL!, true cider, banana bread beer

Pop Sci: Space X disaster, reusable rockets, Steven and Devon get their wires crossed, mission to ISS, holo-lense, augmented reality, the meteor composition estimation, real space travel v. Sci fi space travel, minor spoiler for The Martian, the importance of gravity


Sexual Encounters of the Fourth Kind: Porn addition and brain activity, defining addiction


Nature Watch: All craters found, 128, crater distribution, erosion


Sci-fi: Conventions, OSHA nightmare,  exploding consoles, battle stations, rule of three, lazy writing, all-in-one plot fixing tool, R2-D2 issues, sonic screw driver, the Tim Taylor Rule, 2D space, 3D battle not that hard to understand, infantry, The New Jedi Order, deception in war, Futurama Quote, what Devon learned.