Episode 064: Apocalyptic Gaming

Recorded August 12th, 2015

This episode contains: Horrible day at work, Blue Apron pizza, arugula on pizza? (Why?), gross olives, Devon is learning to cook, Thug Kitchen, tofu (is supposedly good according to Steven), the science and art of cooking (not really),

Robot Overlords: Evolution to improve power of robots, mother robot and children robots, evaluating ten agents over ten generations to determine best configuration for moving from one place to another, robots analyzing how something works and determining best solution, baby steps to the Singularity


Biological Imperative: The power of pupils is in their shape, why do different animals have different shaped pupils?, vertical pupils v. horizontal pupils, different perceptions of distance and location of objects, evolutionary theories, counter examples, what about birds?, considering environmental factors


Sci-Fi: More Blue Apron, tricks to shucking corn, Sense8 will be back for a second season!, SGU, Deadwood, A Fire Upon the Deep audio book, The Tines and collective consciousness, The Ship of Theseus Paradox told using a hammer, Seveneves, cons of reading books on alternative formats, Game of Thrones, no way to avoid some spoilers, George R. R. Martin, post-apocalypse video games, Rust by Face Punch Studios, survivalist game, crafting new items, shoutout to Canadian Bacon, improvised armor (coffee can, wood, signs), Last Man on Earth, play Rust with Steven, Destiny and light system, the grind, Sheltered by Team 17, fallout shelter survival, keeping your family alive, sanity, water butts?, Worms Battle Ground, Centipede, Snake, Futurama Quote, what Steven learned