Episode 065: Medicinal Metallica

This episode contains: Destiny, what’s the point of playing a video game?, DLC, the Ladies Night Podcast, this is not a videogame podcast!, why most videogames are sci-fi, Sims, farming simulator, “Lot Lizards”

This Week in Space: Space elevators, ribbon to geosynchronous orbit, counter weight, alternative to using carbon nano-tubes, Thoth Technology, using pressurized gas, 12 mile high elevator, cost effective?, lower gravity?, why do we make fun of Canada so much?, space tourism, hydrogen v. helium, 12 mile long Hindenburg, maintenance, skyscraper stability


Biological Imperative: Listening to music before, during and after helps with recovery from surgery, decreases need for pain medication, what music in particular?, Steven’s experience with surgery, any surgery is dangerous, Devon uses the Simpsons as his security blanket, music does not reduce length of hospital stay, only a mental benefit, pain scale (0 to 10), Devon hates some aspects of his job, the subjectivity of pain, cultural impressions of pain


Sci-Fi: A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Daniel Radcliff as a young doctor in 1917 Russia, dark comedy, new trailer for The Martian, too many spoilers?, still looks like an awesome movie, Mars rover, All Along the Watchtower, A Fire Upon the Deep, zones of thought, Terminal World, technological zones, Tines: packs of dogs with hive minds, dogs with castles (not as bad as it sounds), Seveneves, Steven’s disappointment, some books need sequels, Ark, Robert Sawyer, Calculating God, WWW trilogy, How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu, Armada, sci-fi prepares us for real alien invasion, Fan Boys, Futurama quote, what Devon learned.


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