Episode 068: Journey to The Force Awakens

This episode contains: Rain forest of Brazil, Devon’s Mom keeps calling, engagement party

Nature Watch: Estrogen and frogs, life finds a way, too many female frogs, sampling from different ponds, prey-predator dynamics


Physical Challenge: Magnetic “Wormhole” Connecting to Regions of Space Created for First Time, three layer cylinder, magnetic lines invisible between two points, sci-fi wormholes, energy needed for a “real wormhole,” MRI-3D, faster than light drive bending space-time (Alcubierre Drive), Ark by Stephen Baxter


Sci-Fi: Star Wars: http://io9.com/everything-we-know-about-star-wars-post-return-of-the-j-1729549100, less than 100 days until Episode 7!, Millennium Falcon coffee table, Millennium Falcon screen accurate models, Force Friday, inside of Millennium Falcon, after Return of the Jedi, propaganda war, The Iron Blockade, The New Republic, galactic governing, demilitarizing, use of force agreements between planets, down fall, new emperors, cloning, Imperial Remnant, Battle of Jakku, Star Wars live action show, Imperial Future Council, heroes of original trilogy go their separate ways, Nights of the Old Republic, Acolytes of the Beyond, Knights of Ren, wellspring of the dark side, full Nazi, cult of The First Order, middle east and ISIS, Hogan’s Heroes, Boba Fett, filling in 30 years, Benicio Del Toro in Episode 8, Rogue One, Futurama quote, what Steven learned