Episode 069: Forced Climax

This episode contains: Devon’s decedents will take over the Earth, Pure BS Podcast guest hosts, engagement party, joint finances and the Domingues system,

Nature Watch: Apes Know a Good Thriller When They See One, apes watching movies, long term memories of apes, can apes empathize with movie characters?, showing animals pictures and mirrors


This Week in Space: Air conditioning for tidally locked planets, three possible models, expanding number of possible habitable planets, Drake Equation, Proxima and Ultima by Stephen Baxter,


Sorry Mom: Effectiveness of anti-bacterial soap, comparing ant-bacterial soap and plain soap, how often should we wash our hands?, freaking out about health, new eating disorder


Sci-Fi: Calculating God by Robert Sawyer (3 out of 5 according to Steven, 4 out of 5 according to Devon), interesting debates but poor story telling, forced climax, Necromancer by William Gibson, cyber punk, being thrown into a universe without explanation, militarized dolphins, Street Samurai, Molly Millions, Miles Greb and After the Gold Rush, Dune, Z for Zachariah, Futurama Quote, and what Devon learned


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