Episode 070: To Tame a Land

This episode contains: Carl’s Jr., hamburgers, crazy pizza toppings, TMNT, Gilgamesh Brewing, X-Wing Miniature Game Force Awakens, Star Wars: Armada

Evolutionarily Speaking: Republican campaign and evolution, hermit crabs making rash decisions, Scott Walker, Trump


Nature Watch: watermelon crossed with tomato, eggplants and Blue Apron, grafting plants, hybrid fruits


Sci-Fi: the new Muppets show, After the Gold Rush, Dune, book and movie, SFP book club, Devon never reads what his grandma gives him, Iron Maiden To Tame a Land, Rhapsody of Fire, 360 degree view of Jakku, Fallout 4, Loot Crate, Steven’s begs his wife to buy him a toy, story and lore of Destiny, we go “super nerdy,” the Black Spindle sniper rifle, Rocket League, Futurama quote, what Steven learned, Iron Maiden!!!