Episode 071: From Mars to Arrakis

This episode contains: Hobo harmonica from Germany, strange recording date/time, having a productive weekend with toys, buying keyboard or drums, homemade steak dinner

This Week In Space: water on Mars, Reoccurring Slope Lineae (RSL), spectroscopy, death metal band scientist, Mar’s polar icecaps, Steven quizzes Devon, how much water?, history of Mars, Elon Musk’s plan to nuke Mars, investment in terraforming, using time warp to colonize Mars in the book Spin, weathering a map, Devon is annoying,


Sci-Fi: Devon is still annoying, crediting the people who found water on Mars, The Martian SPOILERS, creative narration, solving problems, simplifying for the movie, less obstacles in the movie, our ratings of the movie and book, what was cut from the book for the movie, most dramatic part of book was cut, small differences to climax of the movie, zero G in movies,

SFP Book Club: Dune, how much of the book we’ve read, deserve to be a classic, comparison to Game of Thrones, Paul and Jessica, Bene Gesserit, Suk Dr. Yueh, House Harkonnen and House Atreides feud, family connections, Gurney Halleck, political intrigue, action scenes, plot against the Atreides by the Emperor and Harknonnen, importance of water, still suits, sequels, Iron Maiden: To Tame a Land is still awesome, Devon relearned how to play it on guitar, Futurama quote, anti-joke