Episode 072: Scratching that Itch

This episode contains: No harmonica, dentists and pain, taking it in the mouth, Wild Card game, Devon may be drunk, our extremely tenuous connection to the Nobel prize in physics, neutrinos, SNOLAB, Steve Maguire,


Tech Upgrades: The $1 Billion City Nobody Calls Home, full scale town for tech testing, sensors, self-driving cars, energy technology testing, conflicting technologies, New Mexico Memorandum of Understanding, Mythbusters, no people so not real testing, Eureka, Hunger Games


Brain Matters: Singe Neuron May Carry Over 1,000 Mutations, ever neuron’s genome is unique, point mutations, protecting from harmful mutations, protecting the brain from mutations, brain facts, Lucy, Limitless, Morgan Freeman, the brain studies itself! (ominous music),


Sci-Fi: Dark Matter (TV show, not the matter), amnesia cliché, Firefly influences, The 100, scratching a lot of itches

Dune Book Club part II: dinner party scene, political strategizing, on the cusp of things happening, Judge of the Changes: Kynes, spice mining, wormsign, ornithopters, carryalls, Tremors, is Arrakis hot?, stillsuits, prophecies, Bene Gesserit missionaries, Jessica’s parentage, water at the dinner party, Neuromancer, Cryptonomicon, Audible, renting audio books from the library, Idlewild, Patreon, @Iotaman1701, Miles Greb and After the Gold Rush, Futurama Quote, anti-joke