Episode 073: The Back to the Future is Now

This episode contains: Delorean doors, Back to the Future Day!, Facebook hoaxes, Biff and Trump, first time watching BTTF, election night, our first sound tracks

This Week in Space: NASA’s Kepler Mission, star brightness dropping strangely, scientists baffled!, debris, comets, Oort Cloud, Dyson Sphere, aliens?, radio waves, Calculating God, advanced civilizations retreating to the matrix, No Man’s Sky


 Physical Challenge: accuracy of clocks at high acceleration, billions and billions of Gs, atomic clocks, Muon decay, Unruh effect, speed of light, speed limit and acceleration limit, thought experiments in physics, sushi, unagi


 Sci-Fi: Dark Matter reprise, show you can walk away from, RPG characters, Black Mirror, break from Dune, Audible, BTTF sequel?, Mad Max in a Delorean, the 2015 of Back to the Future part II, flying cars, cold fusion, inducing sleep, perfect weather prediction, rejuvenation, organ transplants, power laces, resizing jacket, justice system, bionic implants, phone booths, smart phones, robot gas station, Jaws 19, 3-D movies, hover conversions, virtual wait staff, Pepsi Perfect, arcade games, sound board, self-adjusting baseball bat, hover boards, Cubs win World Series, Curse of the Billy Goat, dust repellant, suspended animation, woman president, thumb print activation, voice activation, dehydrated pizza, fax machines and TVs, digital glasses, HD TV, atrocity channel, video phones, privacy, history of skate boarding, Futurama quote, anti-joke