Episode 074: A New Hope Awakens

This episode contains: Crashing TIE fighter, trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Trek Beyond, Star Wars through the generations, ubiquity of Star Wars, tickets and servers crashing, Football/Star Wars tie-in?, bringing back fans that hated the prequels, playing it safe/similarities to A New Hope, Rey in Star Destroyer hanger, The First Order, who’s on the stage?, Fin as a storm trooper, new Star Destroyers, escape and explosion, more similarities to A New Hope, Kylo Ren, Adam Driver’s voice, Morgan Freeman cut of Star Wars, Kylo Ren’s lineage, lens flare, new super weapon, Poe being tortured, the events of the Original Trilogy is a legend in the Star Wars Universe, Rey and Han, Luke’s lightsaber, Falcon at light speed, Ren and storm troopers, lightsabers in the rain, forest planet, Finn may be a force user, x-wings and TIE fighters, temple, Luke with mechanical hand, R2’s hexagon port, female storm troopers and armor, Rey crying, BB-8 is an astromech, snow planet, a new trench run, no space battles, mouse droid, Leia and Han sad or happy?, where’s Luke?, who dies?, Finn with a blue lightsaber looking scared, music: love theme from Empire, no major plot points revealed, our impressions, rating: likely PG-13, Han’s prior marriage, Vader’s flings, Kylo Ren’s heritage, spider Darth Maul, CG characters, Max Von Sydow,  counting down the days and hours and minutes and seconds, Futurama quote, anti-joke



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