Episode 075: The Turkinator

This episode contains: High school drink, no beer, no mixers, The Quantum Entanglement or The Solution (peppermint vodka and ginger beer), Star Wars tease (that’s never paid off)

This Week in Space: Gizmodo, simple design change to build a thruster to Mars, Hall Thruster, less fuel use, ion thruster, the engine of the future, just using explosions, energy and propellant, space travel is really easy


Gee! (ology): Earthquakes in San Ramon, SF bay area, Devon was there, 400 + earthquakes in few weeks, group of earthquakes: swarm, 1989 earthquake, World Series, 1906 earthquake,


Pop Sci: Jacked up dogs with gene edited muscles, creating dogs with genetic problems for testing, CRISPR, bacteria and viruses used to replace genes, myostatin gene, human gene manipulation, efficient energy use, China may have shaved a dog to look like a lion, why we use beagles for testing,


Please Don’t Kill Me SkyNet! Ethical decisions to be made by self-driving cars, should car kill 10 pedestrians or the driver?, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, survey on what car should do in moral dilemma, setting a self-driving car’s morality level, self-driving cars still safer, AI and ethics


Sci-Fi: The harmonica is back!, banjo, history of The Turk, chess machine, The Night’s Tour, Bojack Horseman, three kids in a trench coat, Dune returns, Devon is way ahead of Steven, Steven’s feelings on Dune, Paul and Jessica, side characters, Paul’s rise to power, we learn there’s a glossary!, Dune Messiah, the ending of Dune, appendices, Steven’s problems with the pacing and characters in Dune, talking in riddles, invitation to Miles Greb, rise and fall of Paul, no such thing as a happy ending, why “Paul?”, Frank the Fremen, Dune is like reading legal documents, Futurama quote, anti-joke


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