Episode 076: Boldly Going back to TV

This episode contains: Sitting far away, having a beer and relaxing, Steven’s Loot Crate is finally coming, Apple Watch and unwrapping videos, Fallout 4 coming out so soon!

This Week In Space: most earthlike worlds haven’t been born yet, NASA’s Kepler Mission, looking into the past, we’re early in the universe, more stars to be born in the future than have been born in the past, Manifold: Time by Stephen Baxter thought experiment regarding population collapse, 92% chance that we are not the only civilization the universe will ever have, logical fallacy that we couldn’t remember (it’s the argument from ignorance), what it would actually be like to discovery an alien civilization, space holes


Enter Sandman: sleep walking and pain, not feeling pain until waking up after having sustained serious injury, we don’t know any sleep walkers, sleep twitching, reality testing in dreams, lucid dreams, Steven tells us about his dream, Devon gets lost in the woods


Nature Watch: lathering up with sunscreen may protect against cancer but it’s killing corral reefs, the importance of reefs, loosing algae, great white sharks are letting us down


Sci-Fi: no harmonica, a butter knife with a Star Trek communicator and an Enterprise key chain in a coffee cup that has NX-01 on the side, The 100, The CW, lowered expectations, science of The 100 (what they get right and what they get wrong), Lord of the Flies, interesting characters, surprisingly violent, Twilight Zone ending, we give The 100 4 out of 5, Ascension – miniseries on the Syfy channel, bad science, Doppler shifting, new Star Trek TV show, time travelling based Star Trek concept, 7 things we want in the new Star Trek, CBS streaming service, new timeline next generation, non-Enterprise based shows, history of the Enterprise, new ship designs, go back to the ideals of the original Star Trek, new characters with cameos of old characters

Dune: “Ruler of the Stars,” Steven has read a few more percent, Jessica and Paul in the caves, cutting away to other characters, environmentalism, meeting the Fremen, Futurama Quote, laugh tracks, anti-joke