Episode 077: Metroid Mindset

This episode contains: No second chances, Fallout 4, wisdom teeth and babies, medieval dentistry, Devon is Home Alone, scuba diving lessons, Devon leans as a kid from Rescue 911 that he never wants to scuba dive, WWII wrecks, Futurama or The Little Mermaid

Nature Watch: Ant colonies respond to predators as a super organism, two types of attacks, contracting and fleeing, similar to a pain response, how ants communicate, the ants go marching one by one…, Australia!, ant facts, rafts, bridges, Spock ants, roles in the colony, Ant Man and The Wasp,


This Week In Space: Phobos (moon of Mars) is falling apart, large crater on Phobos with debris patterns, Viking probe, possible fracture lines, tidal forces, clump of rocks with dust, 330 feet of dust, 30 to 50 million years left for Phobos, Seveneves


Sci-Fi: Big Wave Golden Ale, The 100, Fallout 4, creating settlements, raids, Minecraft elements, “Metroid Mindset,” the ethics of Fallout video by Cracked:http://www.cracked.com/video_19696_how-fallout-proves-morality-arbitrary.html, no karma in Fallout4, consequences for each action, trial/jury selection simulator, cost per hour of playing, how many hours Devon has spent on Destiny, cost of being a sports fan, Rick and Morty, “Right in our wheel house,” Parody of Back to the Future, interdimensional travel, continuity, sex robot, no Dune, back to Fallout 4, voiced protagonist, Mass Effect, using a RPG talking system for real life, SFP sketch troop, Killing my Lobster, The Groundlings, improv classes, Devon’s tale of woe re improv, our show persona v. IRL, old SFP, talking fast and slow, Futurama quote, checklist, “solid content,” Devon gets personal, Jar Jar is a Sith Lord, Luke evil or a failure?, lightsaber as a key, Indiana Jones and the Search for the Holly Grail, old Indy v. old Han, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, why the new Star Wars will be better than Crystal Skull,  anti-joke, anti-joke, anti-joke…