Episode 081: Briny Sublimation

This episode contains: Posh dinner party, spices, scuba diving classes, enriched air diving, oxygen in the atmosphere, breathing pure oxygen, Twister and Michael Crichton, J.J. Abrams early career, no interview/guest

The Week in Space: Ceres bright spots identified, Nano-Mercury Terminators From Outer Space, Dawn spacecraft, salt deposits, briny solution, haze above spots,  briny sublimation, Ultima by Stephen Baxter


Bonus Story: First puppies born by in vitro fertilization, beagles, wild life conservation, genetic manipulation and diseases

Insane in the Membrane: quantifying humorous words, “snunkoople effect,” lower entropy words, finglam v. clester, Dr. Seuss, comparing entropy of two words, laughter as communication, emergent properties, complexity of humor, Rick and Morty alien names


Sci-Fi: We’re going to see The Force Awakens together!, fun drives, more Star Wars trailers/TV spots, scenes in space, there will be stars in Star Wars, crashing Falcon, non-Leia female dialog in the original trilogy, http://io9.gizmodo.com/this-supercut-of-all-the-female-dialogue-in-the-origina-1746855619, Aunt Buru, Ion Control Officer, Mon Mothma, Lupita Nyong’o in The Force Awakens, Rick and Morty: adult Futurama, not as clever with real science as Futurama, car battery episode, our spouses and sci-fi, “keep Summer safe,” Terminator 2, micro-universe, women in sci-fi, Rick and Morty season 3, Star Wars movie release schedule, “be like Han,” Futurama quote, shower thoughts