Episode 082: Scared in a Low Polygon World

This episode contains: Return of the harmonica, Miles Greb and After the Gold Rush, getting sh*t wrong, grinding in RPGs, listening to podcasts while playing video games, Everquest, Fallout, science v. science fiction segments, Thor is a god, dice and ability mods

Guest Item: Domesticating canids, 3,000 year difference, Bronze Age, genome evidence, genetic drift, humans and dogs, defining GMOs, geographic origins of domestication, cave paintings of dogs, domesticating cats still in progress, domesticating foxes, apes and dogs


Food Stuffs: Vegetarian diets could be more harmful to the environment, caloric differences in foods, lettuce v. beef, growing + processing + transportation + storage, too many variables?, thermodynamics, using official USDA dietary guidelines, three scenarios tested, ideological diets, vegan shoes


Tech Upgrades: New microscope to see muscle tissue, needle used, Terminator Americans, muscle activity in stroke patients


Science Fiction: Our drinking histories, religion and sobriety, family histories of alcoholism, on a lighter note… After the Gold Rush, book 1 finished!, Patreon and Kickstarter, web comic, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, plot of After the Gold Rush, going out with a bang, The Last of Us (video game), art of the book, style, real landscapes, real psychics and science, Prometheus rite of passage

Star Trek Beyond: Leaked trailer, no non-crappy version of trailer, Fast and Furious in space, the importance of real Star Trek, short term v. long term success, Star Trek shouldn’t compete with Star Wars for action, Star Trek TV series, 2001: A Space Odyssey, plot of new Star Trek, drawing inspiration from TNG, Wrath of Kahn, Genesis Device, The Borg Queen, classic two-part Star Trek episodes, Voyager video game, cynicism in sci-fi

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: One day to release, early reviews, Rotten Tomatoes percentage, Thrawn, Mara Jade, our viewing plans, Shadows of the Empire Luke, who is George Lucas and what is his real role in Star Wars?,  G level cannon, Star Wars card and board games, Star Wars D&D or something

Dune: Between love and hate, Steven is conflicted, Miles is hear to correct our pronunciation, rehashing already established plot points, leveling each other, game theory, politics, religious status and terrible purpose, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune

Back to Star Wars: Comics, I, Jedi, Rouge One, Bothan holocaust, knowledge of old cannon now a liability, Thrawn should be in new movies, filling in the gaps, Bojack Horseman, Han stand alone movie, Futurama quote, Rick and Morty, anti-joke


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