Episode 083: Legs From Here to Tuesday

This episode contains: The force awakens again, 2D v. 3D, why 3D at all?, 3D TV and video games, times seeing the force awaken, IMAX, The Dark Night, Happy Feet, quick Steven Star Wars story, listen to BS Podcast for a full review of The Force Awakens

Brain Matters: How the Brain Wakes You Up, “brain circuit,” phases of sleep, parts of brain talking to each other, waking up quicker and staying awake easier, fall asleep quicker and fall into deeper sleep, sleep disorders affect 10% 20% of population (in Switzerland), important step but therapeutic implementation still a ways off, optogenetics, brain pace maker for seizures, The Terminal Man by Michael Crichton, ability to fall asleep, Dune to fall asleep


This Week in Space: Space-X finally lands correctly, Falcon 9, reusable rockets, turn around time, making space more accessible, can they do this again?


Sci-Fi: Miles Greb’s Cosplay, our non-spoiler Star Wars: The Force Awakens reviews, Devon: 4 out of 5, Steven: 5 out of 5, re-watch value, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, Snake, psychic boss, clues in dialog, breaking the fourth wall, Cryptonomicon by Neil Stephenson, two timeframes, WWII, data haven, Japanese gold, Bitcoin on the gold standard, long back stories, The Baroque Cycle, required reading by PayPal, digital currency, supply and demand, asteroid mining

Dune: Iron Maiden, Steven is still struggling, Gurney is back, coming to the end, why Devon read Dune Messiah so soon after Dune, Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi, Red Planet Blue by Robert Sawyer, noir, Futurama Quote, anti-joke pick-up line, shower thoughts