Episode 084: What Kind of Year Has It Been

This episode contains: Drinking through a straw, throw it on the ground, last ep of 2015, distance traveled through the universe, travelling in time and space, Stuff You Should Know Podcast and the Philadelphia Experiment, secret naval technology, degaussing, Almost Educational Podcast ep. 62, Devon sent in a correction, analysis of geek culture and sports, thinking of hypotheticals to discuss, Jack Sparrow and his magical compass, heart’s desire?, Kraken Black Spiced Rum, Steven’s job security

Mother Earth: LA’s gas leak is a global disaster, climate version of the BP oil spill, 1,300 metric tons a day, environmental impact, media coverage, symptoms of methane inhalation, gas explosion in Bay Area (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_San_Bruno_pipeline_explosion), nature gas infrastructure, capping the leak, relief well only half way done-ish, nuke it, natural gas as a cleaner fuel, other leaks, cost of updating infrastructure, changing our way of life, NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), solar panels sucking up energy from the Sun, Star Killer Base


Top Science Stories of 2015: sounding better, 1. Pluto!, so much new information, moons of Pluto, Voltron, Japan challenged the US to a giant robot fight, Battle Bots, Jessica Jones, 2. Water on Mars, 3. Alien superstructure, Dyson Sphere, actual possible explanation but not likely, aliens ruled out, 4. Homo Naledi, women scientists, 5. The 6th mass extinction, 6. First warm-blooded fish, big-ass fish, 7. Fast-food and supplements work the same for workout recovery, same vitamins in both, stigma of fast-food, dissecting a hamburger, 8. First successful penis transplant, 21 year-old in South Africa, how do you lose a penis?

Sci-Fi: 45 min. left in Dune, Red Planet Blues by Robert Sawyer (3 out of 5), Moon (movie), story about Devon and Kiik re: wedding stuff (and Devon’s guilt), proto-hipster, Steven tells another story about Kiik, Green Day, Disney Infinity 3.0, Star Wars characters, Futurama quote, shower thoughts


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