Episode 087: Reasserting Planetary Dominance

This episode contains: Pocket Mortys, Poke Mon, Rock-Paper-Scissors, rookie mistakes, freemium games, rewards for watching commercials, Black Mirror, Clash of Clans, pay-to-win

This Week in Space: a new ninth planet in our solar system, demotion of Pluto, @Plutokiller, Kiuper Belt objects, odd orbits, clustered orbits, new planet explains orbits, 10K to 20K year orbital period, odds of being wrong, exo-planets, planet X


Human History: Ötzi the Ice Man, found in the Swiss Alps, 3300 BCE, causes of death, Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA, direct descendants, sample sizes, migrations, Ötzi curse


Sci-Fi: No harmonica or guitar, no more pocket Mortys, Star Wars ep VIII release date moved, script rewrite, do not redo Empire!, Marcelo Zuniga, changes to the original trilogy through the years, picture quality, releasing the original trilogy (unedited) on Blu-ray, odd changes, close/open the blast door!, Yoda in ep I, The Expanse, “the next Firefly” (according to Steven), production values, hard sci-fi, lacking a hook (according to Devon), politics of the future, Thomas Jane, ice mining, OPA, gravity torture, blue collar characters, political unrest on Ceres, world building, connecting to characters, Futurama quote, shower thought