Episode 088: Nationally Notifiable Condition

This episode contains: “Lumosity” correction, tardigrades correction, early Futurama quote, Steven’s baby learning new words, Episode 4-7, Undercover Boss at Starkiller Base, Solo family comic strip, Devon’s grandma saw Ep 7, memory and getting old

Please Don’t Kill Me Evil Robot Skynet Overlords: Google taught computer to play Go, 2,500 year old game, no brute force, limiting possibilities, beating European Go champion, Facebook AI team, Alfa Go v. Dark Forest, so far from true AI, robot fails,  all in the name of capitalism,


Biological Imperative: Zika virus, in Brazil, moving to the US, President Obama directing resources for study, minor symptoms, causes birth defects, microcephaly, recommended travel restrictions, national health alert, revisiting Ebola, Nationally Notifiable Condition


Sci-Fi: new X-Files, The Magicians, Harry potter vibe, releasing a horror upon the world, traveling through clocks, hand movements for magic, Downton Abby, The Expanse, Armada, could have done more, spoilers for end of book, sci-fi tropes, old music outselling new music, Futurama quote, shower thought