Episode 089: Immaculate Lunar Conception

This episode contains: Working double shifts at the law factory, turnover at work, cool kids at work, job security

Update: Volkswagen scandal, 44,000 healthy years lost in Europe, illegal emissions, couple of hours per person, tobacco industry, LA gas leak, forgetting about important issues due to news cycle, Devon’s skepticism, what’s the point?, #nolivesmatter


Biological Imperative: Three parent babies are ethically permissible, mitochondrial replacement therapy, three-person IVF, replacing the nucleus in a healthy egg, “power house of the cell,” majority of DNA still form two parents, current people born with similar procedure, cytoplasm transfer, legalities, banned by FDA in 2001, “playing God,” God-Wins-Law, limitations for use, Jennifer Aniston, Ronda Rousey, Mitochondrial Eve


Last Week in Space: the Moon was produced by head on collision between Earth and a forming planet, immaculate lunar conception, chemical signature of rocks, O-16, same rocks on Moon, Theia, timing of life on Earth, moons of Mars


Sci-Fi: Dream Theater, new album (The Astonishing), concept album, young adult sci-fi, Iron Maiden, already parts of The Astonishing that stand out, Aereon, My House on Mars, Universal Migrator Part I: The Dream Sequencer, Universal Migrator Part II: Flight of the Migrator, The Human Equation, Kamelot (Epica and The Black Halo), Faust, selling sole to the devil, Mephisto WDC, historic musical styles, sci-fi time travel opera, historical events portrayed in movies, Arthur (movie), overlapping historical periods, Braveheart, Cracked Podcast re: only certain stories can be told in historical settings, Downton Abbey is an accurate representation of modern Brittian, mid-evil torture devises, Kerbal Space Program, Scott Manley, the ninth planet, Elite: Dangerous, space flight simulator, Wolf 359, difficult docking, power priorities, Futurama quote, shower thoughts



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