Episode 090: Act of Vishnu

This episode contains: Forgetting names, Periscope, podcast influences, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Skeptoid, Stuff You Should Know

The Buzz About Bees: Bee virus is human made—driven by European honey bees, virus is natural, the spread is human, Varroa virus, wing deformity, mites, eating larva, transporting bees for pollination, bee population decline factors, preventative measures, Devon considered bee keeping, badgers that shoot bees out of their mouth


This Week In Space: Gravitational waves, our first episode, prior discovery of gravitational wages and the subsequent debunking, LIGO detector, coming announcement, space-time, relativity, theory, how they detect gravitational waves, comparing wavelengths of perpendicular lasers, distances smaller than atoms, tuning guitar strings, guitar demonstration, *special announcement*



The Expanse: no longer free on Syfy app, getting better, character back stories, two authors

Nature Watch: CO2 converted to methanol, used to be costly process, one-step process, catalyst produces methanol and water, step towards cleaning the air and producing energy, New Hampshire Primaries, Trump, Bernie, J-Walking, Robot Marco Rubio, back to science!


This Week on Earth: Man did not die from meteor strike, according to NASA, man in India died in small explosion than left a two foot deep crater, victims fund, no one has died from meteor, recent meteor in Russia, Tunguska Event, meteors don’t start fires, meteor myths, new asteroid detection initiative, Devon and bird poop


Rick and Morty quote, this ep: 1/5, shower thought