Episode 091: Protagonist of Humanity

This episode contains: All sci-fi, Valentines Day, early celebration, bad food, screwing up filet mignon, bland food, Steven’s non-Valentines, gifts

Deadpool: theater too busy, ticket refunds, wine tasting, Devon: 4/5, first Wolverine movie,  funnier than expected, 4th wall, actors playing Professor X, Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds, Steven: 3/5, marketing, straight forward plot, Ant Man, Captain America, Iron Man, X-Men, Deadpool’s powers, budget cuts, Weapon-X, Fantastic 4, possible sequels to Deadpool, X-Force movie, over-saturation, beating The Force Awakens in Russia, R rated Wolverine movie, R rated Netflix shows, R rated Han Solo movie?, living in an R rated world, we are all extras in Ryan Reynolds life, Drive, Ryan Gosling, Chewbacca as main character


Star Trek Quiz: iota hints, Prime Directive, Klingon home world, Sulu, Kirk and Uhura, founding of The Federation, Seven’s human name, Lt. Tasha Yar

11/22/63: Hulu show, Steven King, hooked quickly, time portal in dinner, time travel rules, no explanation of the physics but who cares?, Devon over-thinks the rules, meat from the past, JFK assassination

The Magicians: no more free episodes, Steven is reading the book

Old Man’s War series: Jon Scalzi, easy reads, humor, humans colonizing galaxy, military control, using old people as soldiers, new genetically engineered bodies, Ghost Brigades, Special Forces, made from scratch, born with BrainPal, choices as theme, Last Colony, Golden Girls, amount of sex in sitcoms, brief mention of World of Tomorrow, Futurama quote, The Earth Collective short story by Steven!, shower thought


Steven’s short story: http://www.amazon.com/Earth-Collective-Protective-Domingues-dangerous-ebook/dp/B01B5EA022/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1456274540&sr=8-1&keywords=the+earth+collective

The Earth Collective: http://www.tecstory.net/


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