Episode 092: Time Pushes Back

This episode contains: Flying down mountains, snowboarding, steep learning curve, cost of entry, ski bus, maintenance of equipment, Straight Outta Compton, NWA, dropping knowledge

Biological Imperative: alcohol exposure during pregnancy affects multiple generations, rats, drinking during pregnancy, wine, drunk on their back, back in their forepaws, alcohol sensitivity and alcohol preference, drinking and driving, alcohol tolerance = becoming an alcoholic?, alcohol and pregnancy guidelines, Bulleit Bourbon, binge drinking


Sociological Kickassery: muscular men perceived as better leaders, only seeing chest and face, rated in multiple areas, no difference between men and women, tribal sense, controlled for faces, tested tallness, TV examples, tall people and salary, we get trolled, evolutionary explanation, snap judgments


Existential Crisis: odd thoughts, tracking devises, high tech world, two types of people in the world: people making the advancements and those just living in the world, contributions to society, what’s money?, school loans, music and Devon’s emotions, scotch whisky, Glass Cast

World of Tomorrow: by Don Hertzfeld: animated short, Oscar nominated, little girl visiting the future, time travel, Netflix, meteor shower, actual little girl, It’s Such a Beautiful Day movie, animation style, robots on the moon, iota drops in

11/22/63 ep 2: weekly review, deviation from main plot, Stephen King style, time to kill, more characters, clever exposition, Time pushes back, multiple trips to the past?, alternate history, Almost Educational Podcast, more space exploration?, Cold War, kinetic torpedoes, Chrononauts, time line changing game, saving John Lenin, butterfly effect, The Gore Years, Timeline card game, Futurama quote, shower thought