Episode 093: Finding Banksy

This episode contains: Commodore Craft and Demigod Domingues, Republican Presidential Primary, Star Wars analogies, Mitt Romney, Trump (the fun’s over), small hands…, Clinton v. Trump, presidential candidates and space, written questions

This Week in Space: breaking the cosmic distance record, furthest galaxy, 13.4 billion years old, red-shifting, what if extra-terrestrial observers called but nobody heard?, transit method of detecting planets, focusing on where they can see us, repeating signals from space, FRB (Fast Radio Bursts), bursts from other galaxies, The WOW Signal, possibly from comets




Ugk, Math: how math geeks almost found Banksy, geographic profiling, testing on Banksy, “minor terrorism related acts,” Exit Through the Gift Shop, meta prank, legal issues


Sci-Fi: Rick and Morty season 3 sooner than expected, more episodes, South Park, World of Tomorrow, We Can’t Live Without Cosmos


Ghostbusters: trailer dropped, same director as Brides Maids, building proton packs as kids, last time we saw originals, taped from TV, Ghostbusters development hell and Dan Aykroyd, alien-ghost tangent, nature of ghosts (trapped or free to go wherever?), 3 or 4 scientist?, the only African American women is not a scientists, breaking gender stereotypes but not racial stereotypes, Ghosttica, giant white ghost (not Stay Puft), is this in the same Ghostbusters universe?, cameos?, video game: true sequel to the originals, possession, Slimer, hard PG, childish jokes, gender choice, why is this the movie to make a statement with? SNL


11/22/63 ep 3: quick recap, totally different story structure, lots of time passes, settling in to the past, portrayal of Oswald, accent, Quantum Leap, leaping into parts of Oswald’s life, Jack Ruby, X-Men, counting gun shots, Futurama Quote, shower thought