Episode 94: Fly Safe

This episode contains: Special guest host: Scott Manley!


Intro: Science fiction music, Flash Gordon, accents, academics, astronomy, internet radio, Asteroid Day (June 30th), saving the world

Kerbal Space Program: space program simulation, video tutorials, video games and science, getting to space and orbiting Kerbin, new versions and mods, planet scale: 1/10th, Manley’s Mountain, development of the game


Ninth Planet: Gravitational pull, narrowing potential position of planet, large planet (ten Earth masses), Kuiper Belt Objects, gravitational pull of other stars, taking Neptune out of the calculation, “Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt,” Kenneth Edgeworth, the implications of finding planet nine, Oort Cloud, solar system formation


Solar Eclipse: HD images of eclipse from Japanese satellite, seeing an eclipse from an airplane, “A Dragon is Eating the Sun!”


Misc.: Things Scott is not: meteorologist (although that’s not totally true) and musician, performing on stage, early computers and video games, Elite: Dangerous, importance of sound in games, smuggling spice across the galaxy, being a minor character is real life, civilizations resorting to the Matrix, The Expanse, Iain (M.) Banks, Consider Phlebas, Use of Weapons, Matter, Hydrogen Sonata, The Culture, Dune, A Fire Upon the Deep, technology limitations at different parts of the galaxy, Stephen Baxter, Raft, Flood and Ark, computational physics, floating point numbers, Futurama Quote, shower thought, private space industry, Space X


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