Episode 095: AI Obligations

This episode contains: Marriage license, state issued pamphlet, mandatory blood tests, role of government, bonus episode

Break a Leg: first prosthesis with connection to bone and muscle, titanium v. other materials, sockets, removable parts, The Borg, control of prosthesis, cricket


Get Mental: smart phones reactions to mental health questions, conversational agents, asking Siri dumb questions, responses to different statements (such as “I was raped,” “I want to commit suicide,” or “I am depressed”), responding to physical complaints, what is the obligation of the company?, interpretation of phrasing, extent of response, liability


Follow-up: Alpha Go/Deep Mind, AI won 4 to 1, the game GO, more possibilities than Chess, brute force

11/22/63: episode 4, recap, crazy ex-husband, clothing pin, sexual kink, more on Oswald, Cracked article teaser, definition of click bait, Futurama quote, shower thought