Episode 096: Cloning Fungus

This episode contains: Internet naming things, boat names, hand, foot and mouth disease, Web MD, chemical burn

Nature Watch: Fungus that threatens chocolate forgoes sexual reproduction, frosty pod rot, several mating types, over 20,000 combinations, cloning when isolated from mating pair, cloning anyway


Brain Matters: What makes us conscious?, humans, animals, computers, Integrated Information Theory, differentiated information, integration, phi, range of consciousness, dreaming, difference between cerebellum and cerebrum, x factor, any brain equals consciousness?, WWW books by Robert Sawyer


Batman v. Superman: Bad reviews, “A crime against comic book fans,” collateral damage and The Force Awakens, magical death lasers, what it would take for Devon to see BvS,


No Man’s Sky: Randomly generated planets, MMORPG?, SETI simulator, virtual probes used to explore game, AI generator, might not ever see another player, spokes in the galaxy, naming things you find in the game, exploration simulator


6 Insane Things About Space Travel that Movies Got Right: Cracked article!, The Martian: blood sealing spacesuit, Gravity: water landing, Packing for Mars by Mary Roach, James Bond: mirror satellite, 2010: restart old ship, Space Cowboys: tangling by a tether, biggest error in Gravity, Armageddon: hitting things to fix them, more about Packing for Mars, Futurama quote, shower thought



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