Episode 097: Quantum Sympathy

This episode contains: Thin ice, San Jose Sharks, arctic sharks, dinosaurs, ST: VOY, ancient ruins, hockey

Evolutionarily Speaking: new spider fossil, ancestor to spiders, 305,000,000 year-old rock, silk production, Charlotte’s Web, predators, megafauna, origins of spiders, is a scorpion an arachnid?, all life on Earth is connected


Tree of life:


Brain Matters: mind wondering not all equal, zoning out/day dreaming, experiment using number identification, wondering on purpose, questioning the study, brain analysis, multitasking BS


Consider Phlebas (by Ian M. Banks): book Devon is reading, looking back at our Dune book club, Scott Manley recommendation, Use of Weapons (accidentley said Weapons of Choice, which is another good book), The Culture, dark tones, continuity, world building, long winded speeches (in Dune), minor spoilers, Firefly, anti-gravity, influencing emotions and card games, predicting not just the car but also the traffic jam

Books Steven is Reading: The Magicians: The Magician King (by Lev Grossman): comparisons to show, wild directions, book format, The Name of the Wind (by Patrick Rothfuss), rereading a fantasy book, magic and some science, “sympathy,” connections, specific magic rules, coming of age story

11/22/63: Episode 6, crazy husband, becoming friends with Oswald, second shooter, being committed, too much betting, the man with the yellow card, stopping more assignations, president McKinley assignation, The Dark Tower, Game of Drones, Futurama quote, shower thought